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Speier Trading Company began as the only company in the U.S. to source close-outs, odd lots, overruns and discontinued fabrics. By dealing directly with textile mills and established agents in Asia, and with the exceptional attention to detail that we give to every order, it wasn't long before our established customers began referring new customers to us and our reputation as a first-class source of imported fabric began to grow.

As we began to understand all of our customers' needs, the trust factor on both ends grew, and we started sourcing regular production fabrics as well as finished products. By knowing the specific needs of our customers, we are able to source those items and provide a variety of samples that we think will satisfy those requirements and benefit their business.

Once the samples have been received, most of our customers choose to travel with us overseas and meet all of our suppliers and agents. By doing this, they get a larger overview of what we have to offer and see first-hand the large variety of items available to them.

Our customer feedback is excellent, and we have become the “go to” company for all fabrics and related products sourced in Asia. Whether you're currently sourcing products from Asia or are considering sourcing from the region, let us tell you the benefits of allowing us to be Your Direct Link To Asia. Please Contact Speier Trading for more details.